Technologies and infrastructure are the biggest challenges in the logistics market

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Francisco D’Angelo, Executive Vice President of Yobel SCM, mentions that the relevance of outsourcing lies in the extent to which the company has determined that logistics and supply chain are not part of its core business.

Once this is determined, you can already think about the benefits of outsourcing: cost reduction by 15%, no more intervention in non-core assets and the improvement of delivery services, says D’Angelo. “All this will generate increase in value in the company”.

According to the Yobel SCM company, the companies dedicated to providing logistics services have knowledge that allows them to handle the industries on which they are experienced. However, he warns that current operators still do not focus holistically on sectors such as mining, fishing, retail, construction or fashion.

“It is very difficult for a logistics operator to be good in all industries, each one requires a different logistic experience and design”, says Francisco D’Angelo.

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