“Outsourcing Supply Chain Management allows us to focus on Core Business”

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What does Yobel SCM represent as a brand?
Yobel SCM is positioned as a company that provides supply chain optimization services for third parties or Supply Chain Management Outsourcing. The attributes and values ​​that the brand transmits are its customer orientation, flexibility, competitiveness, integrity, adequate technology, credibility, professionalism. The personality we intend to reflect our brand is to be whole, organized, working in a team, flexible, fast, professional and competitive.

What identity do you seek to translate with it?
We seek that Yobel SCM be recognized in the market as a reliable strategic partner that provides integral solutions in the optimization of each of the four processes of Supply Chain Management: planning, procurement, manufacturing and logistics, through our specialized business units. We also seek to deliver value to our customers based on the following attributes of our brand:

We are a company with regional scope. Our presence in 10 Latin American countries allows us to accompany our clients in the growth of their regional operations as a single strategic partner.
We provide customized solutions, based on the business models and strategic objectives of our clients.
We have experience and knowledge, backed by our 50 years of presence and knowledge of the market.
Our operations are supported by world class certifications and philosophies (BPA, BPM, ISO 9000, MRP II, SCOR, BASC, Lean Six Sigma) and supported by the best technology in the market (ERP, WMS; BI), offering high levels of connectivity and visibility throughout the supply chain.

What is your market segment?
Yobel SCM in a company that provides B2B services, and is oriented to commercial companies interested in focusing on their core business (marketing, sales, etc.) and outsourcing the management of their supply chain (planning, supply, manufacturing, logistics). We are currently attending to the following business areas:

Direct sale
Consulting & Services
Financial services

What products or services does the Yobel SCM brand include?
Yobel SCM has been operating in the market for 50 years, and offers integral outsourcing services in the supply chain, which include four key processes: Planning, Supply, Manufacturing, Logistics.

Planning: We are experts in demand planning, purchasing, production, foreign trade, and distribution resources.

Supply: Our supply service is divided into three processes: Global Purchase Management, Supply Plan, Materials Plan.

Manufacturing: We are leaders in the manufacturing business in Latin America. We manufacture consumer products for third parties, putting at your disposal the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

We offer the services of: Formulations, Maquila, Transformations, Packaging and Laboratory.

Logistics: We offer integrated and customized logistics solutions according to the needs of our customers, based on our extensive knowledge of the various sectors in which we have presence. We offer the services of: Storage, Cargo and Reverse Logistics.

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