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“Fourth Study on the situation of Supply Chain Management in Peru” by Semana Económica

The fourth study on the situation of Supply Chain Management in Peru was presented on October 1, 2015 in the PAD (School of Management of the University of Piura). This study was prepared by Semana Económica under the auspices of Yobel SCM, GS1 and PAD.

The first two SCM studies in the country focused on the state of the supply chain within companies. The first analysis, carried out in September 2013, revealed the low efficiency in the management of the SCM, in particular for Peruvian companies with national capital. The second analysis, carried out in March 2014, delved into the strategies and best practices that local businesses are using, as well as the areas of improvement and the challenges they face. The third study moves the focus of analysis to the country, in order to understand what is the real impact of external factors on the company. And the fourth study highlights the existence of a group of competitors with a clear advantage: the advancing squad.

For the fourth study, Ipsos Peru also applied an online survey between August 3 and 18, 2015, for 107 managers, directors and chiefs linked to supply chains (logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, purchasing, planning and production of industrial and commercial companies with a turnover of more than US$ 10 million.

As a result of the study, it was identified that the companies that are part of the advancing squad have invested in advance in the automation of their processes and in the training of the human talent that will be in charge of managing them. Their management practices reach the best international standards and their ratios far exceed the average of their industries.

Finally, in order to clearly identify the companies that make up this advancing squad, Semana Económica together with Yobel SCM, GS1 and the PAD developed a ranking of the companies with the best supply chains in Peru. Based on the analysis of their financial indicators and a peer survey, the industrial and commercial companies that are listed on the BVL were evaluated and the financial statements are therefore public.

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