Written by: Carmen Bueno

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Author: Carmen Bueno

Position: Business Unit Manager Logistics Retail

Be in shape.

Being in shape is feeling good, being able to carry out the day to day without feeling discomfort or exhaustion, and finding harmony between our mind and our body. In organizations the situation is similar, we look for the company to be able to keep pace with the client without ‘corporate stress’, with the least amount of efforts that do not add value, with a healthy work environment and with a solid support platform. For this, it is very important to move with flexibility, ease and speed.

Companies, like society, are facing an accelerated process of changes resulting from globalization. The commercial relationship between business and consumers is a “click”, so the consumer also expects the products to reach him as quickly. The pace at which this transformation is taking place leads us to think that we are living an authentic revolution in the supply chain, with the slogan of companies: “Change and adapt with speed” so as not to lose competitiveness. If we take this as a premise , one of the first questions that comes to mind is how to manage to adapt these changes in our company? In the management of supply chains we can achieve greater efficiency and speed by following three fundamental steps: reduce inventories, operating costs and improve customer service.

Three fundamental steps:

1. Inventory reduction: have a unique platform that shares the demand for our products, providing visibility to the supply chain, which in turn allows for tactical and operational planning through demand estimates, made up of a component of the future ( forecast) and a past component (historical sales).

2. Reduction of operating costs: there are different ways through automation, outsourcing of specialized companies, development of partnerships with suppliers, among others.

3. Improvement in customer service: the speed in the management of the supply chain is translated into shorter response times to demand, which has an impact on an increase in customer satisfaction and a better perception of value, which should pay in greater sales for the company. To achieve this it is necessary to have information focused on the administration and knowledge about the market and customer trends in order to establish strategies (business intelligence).

Finally, it is very important to bear in mind that human capital is our strategic ally and must be trained to determine the success of the investment.

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