YOBEL Supply Chain Management (SCM)

YOBEL Supply Chain Management


Yobel Supply Chain Management (SCM), or supply chain management, involves all the activities related to the flow of products, information and money from the supplier of supplier up to the clients of customers.

It includes four key processes:

  • Planning, between demand and supply to supply the consumer.
  • Sourcing, plans and alliances with suppliers at minimal delivery costs.
  • Manufacturing, maximum flexibility at low cost to answer to the market.
  • Logistics, storage of goods.

Our Services

  • Consulting

    We synchronize the strategic goals of our clients with their operational capabilities using the best practices to design innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Manufacturing

    Development, Manufacturing, Packaging, Transformations.

  • Jewelry

    Manufacturing service in Fancy Fine Jewelry and Sterling Silver. Our service starts from the generation of new ideas and going to the final delivery of the finished product.

  • Transformations

    We do more than 10 million units per month promotional packs.

  • Laboratory

    We specialize in Analytical Techniques for Development and Production Control of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Control Plant Production and Supply with over 45 years of applied knowledge in the industry.

  • Logistics

    Our logistics business unit has over 45 years of experience in logistics operations Outosourcing, In-house and Consulting.

  • Cargo

    Comprehensive Service Trucking consolidated or unconsolidated to all market distribution channels nationwide.

  • Personal Care

    Marketing and sales of consumer products.


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