The soft part in the Supply Chain Management executive

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For a person to be competent in any area in general terms, he needs 20% knowledge, 30% skills and 50% attitude. If knowledge is the hard part that is learned from the university and with experience, then the soft part, 80%, are the skills and attitude, that is, our soft part defines the behavior necessary for the position.

What is expected and what are the functions that Supply Chain Manager (SCM) managers have to perform? A lot of responsibility, to supervise expenses that represent between 50 and 70% of the total costs of a company, to maximize profits improving the productivity of the assets, even to identify in new sources of income generation and to participate at the directory level and increasingly, managing a regional or global team.

Generally when we look for professionals of the sector, the weight in importance of the key competences are 43% of soft skills, 14% of hard skills, 12% English language, 12% computing (Excel and ERP), 11% experience and 8% education .

The abilities

We can divide them into 3 categories: personal, interpersonal and intellectual. The personal ones are the most sought after and include an efficient self-management of time and stress, self-motivation, independence, achievement orientation, responsibility, confidence, discipline, consistency and being able to work under pressure. An executive with these skills can have training and receive training more easily to be able to learn hard skills.

Interpersonal skills require good relationship management and include some such as good communication and relationship building, teamwork, negotiation, motivation and problem solving. These skills are needed for the management between the different areas of the company, in addition new technologies require that the cultures of the companies adapt to the changes working as a team.

Intellectuals are required to be able to acquire and use new knowledge, understand thoughts and learn quickly. Among the most sought after are analytical thinking, problem solving, task prioritization and planning.

The actitudes

We could have all the skills and knowledge, but if we do not have the right attitude before the positive and negative opportunities in life, our success will be limited. Let’s have passion to learn the financial drivers of the company, ask to get involved in international projects, in other operational areas, in other business units and in other business functions, look for mentors in top management and always seek to learn. We have a strong predisposition to customer service, to solve their problems quickly and to see claims as an opportunity to improve, not as a criticism.

This proactive attitude and skills will help us gain extensive experience in other areas of your company and will lead you to be the precursor of the great changes that will position your company at the next level of competitiveness.

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