Seminar on Good Practices in Occupational Risk Prevention Yobel SCM Peru

Address: Hotel Los Delfines

Our corporation participated in the Seminar on Good Practices in Occupational Risk Prevention, held at the Los Delfines hotel facilities in February.

The Seminar organized by the Ibero-American Foundation for Occupational Safety and Health (FISO), had as speakers the representatives of the companies that occupied the first 10 places in the biannual contest that it led last year. Each company presented its project related to occupational health and safety, the same one that they presented in the last contest.

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Peruvian SMEs achieve sales in Panama for more than US $ 21 million

Source: Agraria – Agencia Agraria de Noticias.pe

The sales achieved by our companies, about 70% SMEs, have managed to position the exportable supply of fresh and processed foods, Andean grains, confections, among others, said the head of Mincetur, Magali Silva.

The Peruvian delegation, made up of 102 businessmen, achieved sales of more than US $ 21 million in the XXXIII edition of Expocomer 2015, the main multisectoral fair in Panama that brings together more than 14 international visitors from 35 countries, reported the Minister of Commerce Exterior and Tourism and President of the Board of Directors of Promperú, Magali Silva Velarde – Álvarez.

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Yobel SCM Costa Rica obtains BASC certification as a logistics operator

BASC Certification certifies the solidity and effectiveness of the Yobel Logistics S.A. Security Control Management System. as Logistics Operator in Costa Rica BASC -Business Alliance for Secure Commerce-, an international business alliance that promotes safe trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations. It is constituted as a non-profit organization, with the name “World BASC Organization” under the laws of the state of Delaware, United States of America.

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International Conference The Competitive Advantage of a Logistics Cluster

Address: Graduate School of the Universidad del Pacífico

Last Tuesday, April 14, Yossi Sheffi, the renowned Director of the Center for Transportation and Logistics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) held his International Conference The Competitive Advantage Of A Logistics Cluster, organized by the Graduate School of the University del Pacífico under the auspices of Yobel SCM, Approlog, Logista and tgestiona. Operate like a small company, but have the benefits of the big ones. That’s the potential of bringing companies together in a logistics cluster, according to Yossi Sheffi.

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The forces of change

By: Francisco D’Angelo, Director – Manager of Yobel SCM Management, August 24, 2018

The world is changing rapidly by 3 forces: technology, globalization and climate change. In addition, three structural developments make the change possible: the introduction of smart phones, the expansion of bandwidth and connectivity through the cloud. These changes have an impact on the global supply chain. Consider these three events that were not in sight 24 months ago: Trump and the renegotiation of tariffs, incentives to manufacture in the US; Brexit threatening the European Community and the militarization of the islands in the South China Sea, which could change the rules of international shipping lines (1/3 of global shipments pass through there). From a supply chain standpoint, we must be aware of four forces: technology, consumers, the workforce, and logistics infrastructure. What is changing? Manufacturing in the United States is increasing, but with 1.5 million fewer workers. Work is being automated, saving time for employees. Artificial intelligence is redesigning work in operations. Businesses have only executed 18% of their digital potential. Freight agency is entering the digital stage. Blockchain is no longer only for bitcoins or fintechs (Walmart is testing its supply chain to add structure to its processes).

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Visibility or transparency?

Visibility is always one of the great challenges of the supply chain, and obtaining it in real time through all levels of suppliers as customers can improve speed to market, reduce investments, identify shortages and quality problems. However, many do not have it even at the first level of contact. Transparency is related to what and how data is communicated to customers and suppliers. Visibility is important from the provider perspective and is the same as transparency from the client side. The reality is that both are needed.

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The soft part in the Supply Chain Management executive

For a person to be competent in any area in general terms, he needs 20% knowledge, 30% skills and 50% attitude. If knowledge is the hard part that is learned from university and with experience, then the soft part, 80%, are skills and attitude, that is, our soft part defines the behavior necessary for the position.

What is expected and what are the functions that Supply Chain Management (SCM) managers have to perform? A lot of responsibility, supervising expenses that represent between 50 and 70% of the total costs of a company, maximizing profits by improving the productivity of assets, even identifying new sources of income generation, participating at the board of directors and increasingly, managing a regional or global team.

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“Outsourcing the Supply Chain Management allows to focus on the Core Business”

Source: Logistiguía

What does Yobel SCM stand for as a brand? Yobel SCM is positioned as a company that provides third party supply chain optimization services or Supply Chain Management Outsourcing. The attributes and values ​​that the brand transmits are its customer orientation, flexibility, competitiveness, integrity, adequate technology, credibility, professionalism. The personality that we intend to reflect our brand is to be upright, organized, working as a team, flexible, fast, professional and competitive.

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