Yobel will enhance maquiladora services for US clients.

By: Francisco D’Angelo, Director – Manager of Yobel SCM Management, August 24, 2019 Major North American companies are meeting to close deals. Competitive advantage over lower costs in the Asian country is the reduction in response times. The trade war that the United States and China are facing has created adverse situations for many economic agents. But not everything is negative and some opportunities are opening up for Peruvian companies; This is the case of Yobel Suppl Chain Management (SCM), which has received interest from US companies to produce personal care, beauty and jewelry lines, which were made by Chinese industries.

Francisco D’Angelo, managing director of Yobel SCM, indicated that they are receiving important companies from the United States that are looking at the option of producing in the local market. “I believe that the advantage we have in terms of costs, considering that those in China are cheaper, is the reaction we will have to respond to the service,” he said after his participation in ExpoGestión 2019. Thus, while the Asian country reacts in a period of 18 days or more, Peru, being in the same time range as the United States, can react faster, and the production batches can be smaller, making our country more flexible, compared to to China which sets production parameters in thousands. “We have to compete not in the specific cost of a product but in the cost of the total supply chain, in terms of how much you invest in inventory or in time,” said D’Angelo, after indicating that another strength is using its logistics chain to ship products to the United States or dispatch directly where customers are based. New business Focused mainly within its Personal Care and Fragrances Manufacturing division, in addition to jewelry, Yobel has seen growth in its “inhouse” line (set up in its clients’ factories and warehouses), which has shown aggressive growth in sales. last years. “In Peru we have about 10 to 15 clients, and we are exploring new income, while in the countries where we have a presence, which are about 10, this service will grow, which is a derivative of the outsourcing we carry out,” said the executive.


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